my name is beatrice and britney spears is my life. "stronger than yesterday" is my motto. and i'm britney's bitch!

*jealousy alert*

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Conceal don’t feel…

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Guys I’m so so sorry bc of my lack on posting thing, but my notebook is at my parent’s and I’ll just go back there on the 19th but I swear I’ll post A LOT when I get it back!
Xxo love y’all

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Q: Thanks for your answers! You're very pretty!! Would you like try the number 93? 110 it's very hard, i agree with you! It happened to me some time ago. Bye!

Hahahaha whaaat? Thank you! And idk, maybe u should ask my wifey if she lets me do it!! 😉💜

Apr 9 at 19:02
Q: 78, 93 and 110

I wasn’t goin to do it, but I liked the questions.

78: How can you win my heart?
I’m really easy to get! I mean, I love people who makes me laugh, and also turns me on without intention. I love kind people, those are genuine, and smart people are the best. I love when I can have a deep conversation with someone and like 5min later this same person makes me laugh.

93: Have I ever kissed somebody in the rain?
Nope :((

110: Gotten my heart broken?
Yes, pretty hard and pretty bad

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When was the last time you’ve had contact with Chad Michael Murray? (x) [y]

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Old/Newer Demi rares

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Q: 122

No longer doin this one, sorry bro

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