my name is beatrice and britney spears is my life. "stronger than yesterday" is my motto. and i'm britney's bitch!

Guys I’ve been so out of here, BUT I’ll promise I’ll be back in June. I miss here so much, even though my life is a mess. I miss and love y’all

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Q: Where are you?!

I’m here!

May 25 at 16:56

Demi performs Here We Go Again at Citibank Hall in Rio - April 27th

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She has had successful tours, albums and singles since 2004 WHILE she raised 2 children, dealt with a mental disease while being in the spotlight. 

I find is absolutely disgusting how ignorant people act towards her. I’m sorry that all your faves are stuck up, arrogant, self-obsessed bitches who act like they are flawless. At least Britney knows who she is and does what she does because she still loves her fans with all her heart.

We’re not in denial about Britney, we just aren’t fake fans who drop people because of shallow reasons like chart performance and her mental state. 

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*jealousy alert*

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Conceal don’t feel…

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Guys I’m so so sorry bc of my lack on posting thing, but my notebook is at my parent’s and I’ll just go back there on the 19th but I swear I’ll post A LOT when I get it back!
Xxo love y’all

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Q: Thanks for your answers! You're very pretty!! Would you like try the number 93? 110 it's very hard, i agree with you! It happened to me some time ago. Bye!

Hahahaha whaaat? Thank you! And idk, maybe u should ask my wifey if she lets me do it!! 😉💜

Apr 9 at 19:02
Q: 78, 93 and 110

I wasn’t goin to do it, but I liked the questions.

78: How can you win my heart?
I’m really easy to get! I mean, I love people who makes me laugh, and also turns me on without intention. I love kind people, those are genuine, and smart people are the best. I love when I can have a deep conversation with someone and like 5min later this same person makes me laugh.

93: Have I ever kissed somebody in the rain?
Nope :((

110: Gotten my heart broken?
Yes, pretty hard and pretty bad

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